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Appliance Usage

The cost of operating appliances in your home is determined by the electrical consumption requirements of each appliance (watts, shown on the serial plate of appliance), and amount of time you use it (hours). Your cost is figured in kilowatt hours (KWH) or the combination of the two factors.  It takes 1000 watt hours to register as one kilowatt hour.

You can estimate your own usage as follows:

1.    Find the wattage of your appliance (nameplate)
2.    Multiply wattage by the estimated hours you use it.
3.    Divide by 1,000 (it takes 1,000 watt hours to make one KWH)
4.    Multiply number of KWHs by cost per KWH of 7.5 cents.

Click here to see the usage chart.  It was compiled to give you an idea of the number of kilowatt hours one appliance uses compared to another.  The value will vary with appliance size, number of people in your family and individual usage.  


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