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Call Before You Dig

Utilities Underground Location Center One-Call

If you plan to dig, call Utilities Underground Location Center at 811 or 800-424-5555 to have all underground utility lines located. This is a toll-free call and lines will be located free of charge to you. Please call at least 48 hours before the work is to start.Warn any contractors that will be working for you that they must call at least 48 hours before construction starts. You will pay the cost of repairing any underground utility lines that are damaged if Utilities Underground Location Center was not notified.   Please note that locates are not exact.  You must allow 18 inches on either side of the marked line.Call even if you don't think that there are any underground lines near your project. Only the utilities that have underground facilities in the area respond to the call. Please note that Vigilante Electric Cooperative will only locate wire that is between the transformer and meter. We will not locate wire between the meter and the load. This is the member's responsibility and will require an electrician.


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