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2023 Youth Tour of Washington, D.C.

In June of each year, high school students from across the country gather in our nation’s capital to partake in a very special event.  They come to see the American history enshrined in Washington, D.C., and witness history being made.  They come to learn and share with others, but most of all, they come to have fun.   What event brings them together?  The National Rural Electric Cooperatives’ Association Youth Tour to Washington, D.C.

For over 50 years, cooperatives like Vigilante Electric have sent students on this transformative event.  The first coordinated tour was in 1964 and hosted approximately 400 participants from 12 states.  Today, there are roughly 2,000 delegates and staff participating in this tremendous event.

While in Washington, D.C., the youth cooperative representatives tour some of the finest museums in the world and visit America’s most historic monuments. They meet with their elected officials and explore Capitol Hill. They learn about the impact electric cooperatives make on their communities, as well as how programs like NRECA International  impact lives around the world.

Participants gain a personal understanding of American history and their roles as citizens. The tour for each student group is organized at the state level, which includes all students coming together for Youth Day. At Youth Day, they get to meet each other and hear featured speakers who provide insight to the important roles electric cooperatives play in their communities.

Currently, preparations are being made for the 2023 tour.  Dates for next summer’s Youth Tour will be June 16th to the 23rd.  To be eligible, the student’s parent or guardian must be a member of Vigilante Electric Cooperative.  The student must currently be a sophomore or junior in high school and cannot have been a prior winner.

Participants are selected based on an application and essay.  This year’s essay topic is: “If you could witness one historical moment firsthand, what would it be and why?”   Information is available through the guidance counselors at area high schools, or by downloading from the following links.

Contest Rules                    Application                         Resource Guide

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