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Investing in the Safety of our Communities

Electric cooperatives adhere to seven core principles - principle seven is concern for community.  At Vigilante Electric, one of the ways we live out this principle is through donating to worthy organization within our service territory.  In many situations, these donations are needed to fund items that cannot be purchased because of budgetary constraints.  This is also the reason why we started Vigilante Safety Roundup.

Vigilante Safety Roundup provides our members with a way to donate to the organizations in our communities that keep us safe.  Members can “Opt In” and allow Vigilante Electric to round their monthly bill up to the next whole dollar.  The average roundup donation is about 50¢.  Members can also add a few extra dollars each month or make a one-time donation.

Regardless of how the donations are made, 100% of the money will be presented to qualifying organizations through grants.  Grants will be awarded through an application process and will be reviewed by the Vigilante Electric Board of Trustees.

In April this year, Vigilante Electric awarded the first grant to the Beaverhead Ski Patrol.  The Beaverhead Ski Patrol in responsible for on-mountain safety at Maverick Ski area.  Their grant outlined equipment needs, specifically a new medical-grade digital pulse oximeter and a new rescue toboggan. 

The application period is still open.  If your organization has an idea for a safety project send us a letter providing some details.  In the letter, we want to know about your organization, specifics regarding the project and how it will improve community safety.  Please send all information to General Manager Rollie Miller.

We know that in today’s world everyone’s budget is tight and every cent counts – this is why Vigilante Safety Roundup is such a fantastic way to make your pennies work to benefit others.  Individually this money doesn’t go far, but when we add up all the donations, we can make a difference.

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