Youth Tour

A Trip They Will Never Forget

Over the years we have used many adjectives to describe the Youth Tour to Washington D.C. and its impact on the participants.  The experience is truly one of a kind and it is very easy to tell when a participant, or chaperone, shares their experience with others. 2023 will be the 22nd year that we have supported this program and we are proud to announce that this year’s participants will be Laura Martin and Kennady Perrenoud.

Laura is the daughter of members Ryan and Diane Martin and is currently a junior attending Beaverhead County High School.  Kennady is the daughter of Darcy Perrenoud and she is a junior attending Lima High School.

Each year, the participants for the youth tour are selected based on an application and essay.  This year’s essay question was “if you could witness one historical moment firsthand, what would it be and why?” We received six outstanding applications making the judging process difficult.  Based on the voting, Laura’s application finished first and was forwarded to our statewide association to be judged against applications from across the state.  That winner will have their trip sponsored by the Montana Electric Cooperative Association.

The following is an excerpt from each ladies’ essays.  Each essay is posted in its entirety at the links below.  We strongly encourage people to take the opportunity to read through them to see the creativity and thought put into them. 

Laura Martin – “You're sitting on your favorite plaid couch surrounded by your siblings and your parents; a bowl of forgotten popcorn rests between you and your dad. Your mom flips on the TV and for a second all you can hear is static but you don't care, you are too focused on the screen, waiting for the reporter to switch to live footage. What you-and the whole country-has been on the edge of their seats to witness is a piece of history and a step toward America's future-the Moon landing. “

Kennady Perrenoud – “I believe that the lightbulb was a significant invention for our world and has dramatically impacted our lives today. I think that if I could go back and witness any historical event, it would be the day Thomas Edison succeeded in making a lightbulb that efficiently worked in small spaces, such as a person's home. Before Edison's home bulb, arc lamps had already been invented, but the light emitted from these lamps was too strong to keep in small spaces. These arc lamps are what inspired Edison to create an invention that would forever change the lives of people all over the world. “

We would like to congratulate Laura and Kennady for being selected to represent our organization in this summer’s youth tour and we look forward to hearing and reading about their grand adventure.

Laura Martin                    Kennady Perrenoud