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Townsend Outage Crossarm Change River Outage June 2019


The theme for the 2021 annual meeting was “let’s go back to more basic and easier times.”  Thus, the 2021 annual report is based on and follows the Vigilante Electric Cooperative Annual Report from 1955.  The following are a few statistics for year ending 1955 a much simpler snapshot in time versus year ending 2020: 

In 1955, we had total assets of $2.028 million and total equity of merely $187,262.  Those same numbers for year ending 2020 are assets of $45.65 million and equity of $21.507 million.  In 1955 we had total annual revenues of $267,564 and in 2020 we had $14.780 million.  The average consumption per month was 404 kWH’s in 1955 and in 2020 the average was 1,518 kWH’s.  Total services in place in 1955 was 1,330 and almost 10,600 in 2020.  In 1955 we had 1,330 miles of power lines and 20 employees.  Today we have 2,781 miles of line and 23 employees. 

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