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To bring fairness and equity into our rate classes, each member must pay their share based on how they use the system. While we are very blessed with how our system works, we understand there are a variety of reasons members fall behind on their bills and it is for this reason we have a safeguard built into our rate structure.

When a customer applies for membership with Vigilante Electric this safeguard come in the form of a security deposit. Security deposits have been tied to membership, in some form, for a long time. 

Today, the security deposits are assessed on a per meter basis and are equal to two times the average of the previous 12 months usage, with a minimum of $150.00. Deposits can be reduced to the minimum of $150 if a letter of credit is provided and approved.

After 12 months of consecutive, on-time payments, security deposits will be credited back to member’s active electricity accounts.  Deposits for accounts that don’t meet these requirements will be held until they achieve this or terminate their membership with us.  At Termination of membership, any security deposits will be credited to the outstanding balance with any remainder refunded.

When members fall behind on their account, their service will become subject to potential disconnect. For those services that do get disconnected, the security deposit will be credited toward the past due balance. Then prior to the service being reconnected, a new, possibly larger, security deposit will be charged.

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