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2021 was a very good year for your electric cooperative from a financial perspective, among other things.  Record new service installations, good irrigation sales, and record residential sales all contributed to the high margins for the year.  As a non-profit electric cooperative, each year’s excess margins, over and above our costs, are allocated back to the membership based on patronage received.  In 2021, our margins above our costs far exceeded what we had planned for at the beginning of the year based on our budgeted estimates.  The board of trustees deliberated and discussed the best way to reduce our margins to a more acceptable level.  Staff proposed a rebate similar to the one we did last year, and the board approved that rebate at their November trustee meeting.  So, I am happy to report, for current active accounts, you will be receiving a bill credit on your December 2021 statement.  The credit will be based on your Kwh usage for the 2021 year.  The total amount credited to the membership as a whole will be just under $800,000. 

I am very proud of the entire Vigilante Electric team for being able to keep up with the record number of new services we completed, along with all the other work necessary to keep up with record energy delivery.  Simply staying in front of the needed material was a huge challenge.  They did an awesome job and should be commended!  We have low rates and rebate excess margins for our membership, which is the epitome of a true non-profit electric cooperative organization.

We hope your Christmas and New Year’s holiday season was great.  2022 looks to be another challenging year.  Rest assured, the VEC team will take on those challenges with vigor.  Thanks for your patronage and allowing us to serve you in the coming year.            

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