New ERA Begins at Vigilante Electric

Trevor Parke

Trevor Parke

Vigilante Electric Cooperative (VEC) is proud to announce the hiring of Trevor Parke as its new chief executive officer. "We are delighted to welcome Trevor as the next CEO of Vigilante Electric Cooperative," said Andy Johnson, board president. "His extensive background in the electric utility space and his appreciation for the cooperative business model makes him an ideal fit to lead us into the future.”

Trevor brings more than two decades of experience in utilities to VEC. He is a seasoned professional with an impressive history at United Electric Co-op Inc. (Idaho), where he served as the engineering and operations manager. At United, his leadership has been influential in enhancing operations and maintaining system reliability.

The cooperative model runs deep in Trevor’s philosophy of leadership. He understands the importance of a focus on the community and employees and that the heart of any electric cooperative is its people.

Trevor’s appointment as CEO begins a transformative period for VEC in an industry facing increasing opportunities and challenges. VEC and its board of trustees are confident that under his direction, the cooperative will continue to build on a history of safety, reliability, affordability, and service excellence.

Trevor’s service to our organization began on April 1st. We would like to welcome Trevor and look forward to a long, productive relationship.


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