Safety is our highest priority.  We take the safety of our employees and members of our community very seriously.  While electricity should not be feared, it should be granted a great deal of respect.  After all, electricity is a part of our everyday lives.

To help create awareness of the dangers of high voltage electricity, we offer free safety demonstrations. During these demonstrations, our linemen explain how our system works and different scenarios that can lead to harm, suck as; the dangers of flying a kite, climbing a tree, or moving irrigation hand lines near power lines, and what happens and what to do if you’re involved in a car wreck that involves a power line.

While all of this could easily be explained in a classroom setting, the most impactful attribute of the demonstrations is sensory.  Through the use of our demonstration trailer, you see what an arc looks like, hear the sounds of an arc, and experience what it smells like when a tire is ignited by an electrical arc.

If you are part of a civic organization, first responder group or school and would like to have safety demonstration for your group, give us a call.